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Custom Night

Take a chance to find out an interesting but challenging night in Five Nights at Freddy’s game. It’s a Custom Night and also called the seventh night. This night is very customizable and you can only reach it only when you have completed six former nights. The most outstanding point of the Custom Night is that it allows you to switch the difficulty of A.I of animatronics following your own way. So, you can make them harder or easier if you want. You can choose and set any number to the animatronics, which ranges from 0 to 20. If you want to join the Custom Night, just make sure that you’re done passing the sixth night. After that, a pink termination slip will be given to you.

Custom Night


You will be permitted to set A.I of all animatronics before launching this night. But you can’t change the A.I of Golden Freddy. You can choose the number, from 0 to 20 for your animatronics. The higher number you set, the harder they are.


The personality ad behaviors of animatronics will be based on the difficulty level that you choose.

Level 0

The animatronics will almost vanish during the night if you set level 0 to them. Bonnie and Chica will begin to advance from the Show Stage, Freddy Fazbear doesn’t make any move, and Foxy won’t turn up in his Pirate Cove

However, if you run out of power, Freddy will turn up instantly, even if you already set his difficulty. When your lights are out at 6AM before Freddy’s tune, you can stay alive!

Freddy Fazbear

Freddy will remain silent and stay still during several nights even though you set his difficulty he doesn’t move and stay inactive from level 1 to level 2. You can feel ease and play the game without being killed by him. However, everything will change from the level 3 to level 6. Freddy starts to move around and become very active. He will act like what he did on Night 3.

From level 7 and 12, this bear will walk around a lot and maybe he will tease you more. When you reach level 13 and onwards, you should stay watchful for him, or you will get jumpscared anytime. Be sure to close your right door in time when you raise the monitor up or use the camera to look over the East Hall Corner. When you want to look over other cameras, then just simply close the right door.

Freddy is the toughest animatronic you will cope with when the power is run out. He will pop up and jumpscare you!

Bonnie and Chica

Bonnie and Chica are so alike in the movement and action, but Bonnie is more active than Chia a bit even if you set the same difficulty to them, except when at level 20. Bonnie and Chica will do exactly what they did on night 2 when you’re at the level 1 and 2. They will turn up more frequently when you reach level 3 and onwards.

Bonnie and Chica will be very active and aggressive from level 7 to 12. They may immobilize the doors and lights after level 12, and they will appear more at level 20.

At level 20, you should shut your door in 1 or 2 seconds if they arrive at the blind spot. Failing to close the door will give them a chance to sneak into and immobilize your lights and doors.


Based on the difficulty you select, the frequency of Foxy’s coming and the way he jumpscares will be decided by you. On level 1 and 2, Foxy will be very hostile and active, and this is the same as what he did on night 1 and 2.

Throughout level 3 to 6, you shouldn’t check on Pirate Cove more regularly because Foxy is extremely active, and he will be very hostile from level 7 to level 12. Foxy will attack a lot of time when you play level 13 to level 20. His movement is very quick, he can show off and disappear in just a few seconds.

Beating the Custom Night

When the players beat the Custom Night, a Notice of Termination will be directly sent to you, which claims that they got sacked because of standing in the way of animatronics, especially altering the A.I levels and making them more difficult.

Remarkable Input Codes

To input on the A.I screen, there are some remarkable codes for you to do so.


If you want to set the difficulty of animatronics to 0, the animatronics will not completely immobilized, which is kind of different from what you thought. However, you’re still able to find several Easter Eggs. Just always keep an eye on the surroundings, even though you can be caught off guard by Bonnie and Chica.

Golden Freddy can be provoked, and when your power is out, just try to pray that you won’t get jumpscared by Freddy! He will turn up and end your night. Only when you already complete your night before he gets a chance to do that, you will be safe! If the difficulty of Foxy is set to be zero, he can jumpscare you anyway.


The nickname of this mode is “4/20 mode” or “Nightmare Mode” and it’s called by the players. This mode is viewed as the hardest one in the game. All animatronics will be extremely hostile, and there’s no way for you to stay alive and overcome this mode.

But if you’re lucky to survive, you will receive the third and final star on the menu.


Below here are two common strategies that you can check out to complete 4/20:

  1. When pushing up the Monitor for preventing Freddy, you should close the right door.
  2. Utilize the Monitor and make sure you look over Pirate Cove to stop Foxy. If he gets provoked, just instantly the left door before you look over the West Hall.
  3. The Monitor should be closed, then go utilize the right door and you can look over the Hall Lights to watch over Bonnie and Chica. If they make their arrival at doors, you are supposed to close the doors and keep them like that until the animatronics vanish away. After that, you can open the doors.
  4. Repeat this method.

(Remember that this strategy can only be utilized when Freddy starts playing his jingle)

  1. You should utilize the Monitor, but you should stay watchful for Freddy and look over the East Hall Corner.
  2. Use the Monitor to look over the Hall Lights. If Bonnie or Chica is there, you must close the door instantly.
  3. Push up the monitor and try to look over the East Hall carefully to stay alert to Freddy. Foxy should be checked as well, so you shouldn’t forget Pirate Cove. If he gets provoked, just immediately close the door before you watch over the West Hall.
  4. Pull down the Monitor and repeat this method.

(Remember that Freddy won’t be required to play his jingle in this method, however, it will be more perilous than the former one)


Golden Freddy’s kill screen.

With the version 1.13, you can’t enjoy the Custom Night. Inputting this code will provoke Golden Freddy instantly. The creator of the game added that one for preventing all the incorrect rumors relating to getting another ending when entering 1/9/8/7 into the settings.


For completing the 4/20 mode, you are supposed to keep an eye on the Pirate Cove and look over it through the cameras. Both lights need to be checked as well since Bonnie and Chica may come there. The Pirate Cove should be checked fast, and you need to use this tip over and over again. Try to close the left door when Foxy doesn’t appear there. Let him bang your door, when he does that, you should open the left door once again. Don’t open the doors when Bonnie and Chica are there.

You can follow another strategy to win this mode, and that’s when you try to look over the East Hall Corner. You no need to keep an eye on the Pirate Cove for Foxy, he will be there all the time as long as the monitor is being used. After that, you should go look over the East Hall Corner before closing the Monitor and checking on the hall lights.

  • If you want, you can mix all strategies! Make sure you check the East Hall frequently, and usually watch over the Pirate Cove. In addition, you should try to check the lights and be aware of Bonnie and Chica. Close the doors if you see them there.
  • Don’t forget to save up your power! You can close the right door, and monitor the camera after that. After your door is disabled, Freddy gets no chance to sneak into your room. Try to do so and you will save up your power, like 2 or 3%
  • The Monitor shouldn’t be used much! Just use the lights or close the doors when your power is around 5-4% left. If not, Freddy or Foxy will kill you.
  • You will know when Foxy is able to attack if you check only Pirate Cove. Foxy is very active and hostile even if you look over him properly.


No third star will be given to you when completing the Custom Night unless all the difficulties of A.I of characters are 20.

If you enter 0/6/6/6 or 6/6/6/6, the camera in the Kitchen will work. But, this rumor was so incorrect because the kitchen doesn’t contain any picture files.

According to another rumor, if you enter 2/0/1/5 into the settings, you will be able to unlock an Easter Egg for FNaF 2. This wasn’t true either!

When reaching the Custom Night, 1/3/3/1 is known as the default of settings, but apparently, it doesn’t stick to the nights’ settings.

Mike will be sent away even if you don’t adjust these settings

There is no special ending for 4/20 mode according to what the creator claimed before. This could be because he thought that finishing the custom night was kind of impossible. This wasn’t true either.

The image of Foxy in the A.I customization shows that he is kind of damaged, which means that he could be pictured after he got locked.

If all A.I levels are set to be 0, and only Foxy’s is 20, when you close the left door, he will hit it like 3 minutes and 5 seconds so that he can make all your power run out.

If Freddy’s level is set to be 20, while Bonnie and Chica’s are 0, Freddy won’t move from the stage until Bonnie and Chica moves.

5985 is the number of A.I level mixtures, and you can play 5,984 mixtures

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